Healthy Start Program


The Florida Healthy Start program includes universal screening of pregnant women and infants, identification of risk factors for poor birth and developmental outcomes, and has provided needed rvices since 1991. Healthy Start Coalitions strive to develop and implement quality systems of care unique to the communities they serve.

Healthy Start legislation provides for universal risk screening of all Florida's pregnant women and infants to identify those at risk for poor birth, health and developmental outcomes. ALL pregnant women regardless of their marital, economic or immigration status are eligible to participate in the Healthy Start program, if they are at high risk for a poor pregnancy outcome. This includes post-partum women and their infants up to age three. 

How I Enroll Into Healthy Start?

If you are pregnant, post-partum or have a child between the ages of 0-3 years and are interested in benefiting from Healthy Start services, please contact us at (727)-841-7888 to complete an intake form.

Also, during your scheduled prenatal visit with your obstetrician or health care provider, request for and fill out a healthy start screening form. 

For moms who have delivered, you can consent to an infant risk screen during your hospital stay. This is a simple one-page questionnaire that is completed by you and your medical provider.

The answers to these questions remain confidential and will only be used to provide the best possible service, resources and care for you and your baby.