Service Delivery

In Pasco County, the Coalition is addressing maternal and child health issues that may be particular to the county. For example, smoking among pregnant women has continued to be a major issue in Pasco County. Although the numbers have been on a downward trend, Pasco County’s numbers are almost double the State of Florida rate of women who report that they smoke during pregnancy. 

Smoking has been shown to have a detrimental effect on both the mother and her unborn child that can result in low birth weight and many other poor health outcomes. Education regarding quitting smoking and other prevention efforts can help reduce or eliminate the risk factors and increase healthy birth outcomes. 

The Coalition developed an action plan to respond to smoking among pregnant women. The Coalition has set a goal of reducing the number of mothers who smoke during pregnancy through the activities that are outlined in the plan. 

(Updated service delivery documents coming soon)

Community Outreach

The Healthy Start Coalition provides special programs and services for moms and babies that may be at risk of infant mortality. These programs include MomCare, Healthy Start and Coordinated Intake and Referral (CIR) to better serve our families in Pasco County.  

The Florida Healthy Start program includes universal screening of pregnant women and infants, identification of risk factors for poor birth and developmental outcomes, and has provided needed services since 1991. Healthy Start Coalitions strive to develop and implement quality systems of care unique to the communities they serve.

Community Partners